Baruch HaShem YAHUAH | Shabbat Shalom

Baruch Hashem YAHUAH!

Blessed be the Name of YAHUAH through

our Salvation HaMashiach YAHUSHA.

YAHUSHA the Son of YAH Most High is 

Kohen Gadol and Master of the Shabbat.

HE is High Priest forever after the order of Melchizedek. 

Psalm 110:4 "YAHUAH has sworn, and will not change his mind: "You are a Kohen forever in the order of Malki-Tzedek."

Knowing YAHUSHA is our High Priest who sits at the right hand of our Soverign YAHUAH, awaiting the time our ABBA makes HIS enemies HIS footstool...

Let us beloved Sister's strive to imitate our Kohen Gadol YAHUSHA HAMASCHIACH.

May the mind that was in YAHUSHA be in us. May we be MessiYAH like knowing that one day HE will return as King of Kings and Masters of Masters...

And HIS rewards will be with HIM. Eternal Life to those who believed in HIM and kept YAHUAH's Torah. (for those who rebel and are unsaved unfortunately they will reap what they sowed. Death.)

May our calling and election be made sure Beloved's.

May we choose each day to put on HaMaschiach and walk in love.

In Love to ABBA YAH and in love with our fellow brethren.

May ABBA YAH Bless us and keep us and may HE cause HIS face to shine upon us and lift up HIS countenance upon us and give us HIS Shalom. ❤ 

Scripture Readings: Psalm 110, Revelation 5:1-14, Matthew 12:1-21, Revelation 2-4, Revelation 14:12 John 14 ❤


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