"Unless YAHUAH Sends WISDOM..."

In this weeks Blog Post we're looking at a 

familiar however overlooked Scripture. In 

all my attending Churches, Group Meetings

I have never heard this verse preached or 



However, in personal one on one with the 

MASHCIACH this verse and many others 

that goes with it have been revealed through 

the All Knowing Power of the RUACH HA'KODESH.


In this Post we will also acknowledge the RUACH

YAHUAH as Feminine, hence the usage of SHE vs HE.

SHE being the Set Apart RUACH whom Believers receive

when they are immersed in the name of YAHUAH-YAHUSHA

for the remession of our sins...SHE seals us until the Day of

Redemption...where by we receive the Rewards of Eternal Life. 

See Revelation 2-3.


Are you aware that the RUACH HA'KODESH is the One and the 

Self Same RUACH YAHUAH that was often referenced in the Old

Covenant/Old Testament?


And are you aware that WISDOM is also the One and the Self Same


Let's take a look at a few Scriptures to help me prove our point today

so as to have eyes that see and ears that do hear.


The First Scripture we would love to look at is Proverbs 9:10. It reads...

"The Fear of YAHUAH is the beginning of WISDOM and the Knowledge of 

The HOLY ONE is Understanding."

Now keep this Scripture in mind as we look at another that identifies the RUACH


Let's take a closer look at Isaiah 11:2 

"And the RUACH YAHUAH shall rest upon HIM, The RUACH CHOKMAH and BIYNAH, the 


The RUACH YAHUAH is the One and the Self Same RUACH HA'KODESH.

The One and the Self Same RUACH CHOKMAH (WISDOM)






In understanding there is ONE RUACH. We will take a look at a few other Scriptures that

speak regarding RUACH CHOKMAH (WISDOM)...for unless YAHUAH sends WISDOM...

we will most likely have earthly wisdom...which is sensual and devilish. A sad place to be in.


However we can always ask ABBA YAHUAH for WISDOM and HE will give HER unto us.

James 1:5 reminds us that if anyone of us lacks WISDOM let us ask YAHUAH that gives 

to all men liberally and upbraids not and it shall be given him. HalleluYAH. Amein.


In reading Proverbs 7:1-4 you'll see we're encouraged to call WISDOM our Sister and Understanding

our Kinswoman. I encourage you to read Proverbs 7:1-4, Proverbs 8 and Proverbs 9. WISDOM was 

revealed to me through Proverbs 8 and 9 and then came prayer for more understanding after having 

a dream and seeing the manifestations of the RUACH CHOKMAH at work in our lives.


YAH is indeed good and will send HER to you, should you "desire Discipline for the very true beginning of HER is the 

desire of Discipline; and the care of Discipline is Love. And Love is the keeping of HER TORAH; and the 

giving heed of HER TORAH is the assurance of incorruption; and incorruption makes us near unto ELOHIYM.

Therefore the desire of WISDOM brings to a KINGDOM." CHOKMAH SHALOMAH (WISDOM of SOLOMON Chapter 6:17-20)

 (When we pray the Our FATHER prayer...we pray that HIS KINGDOM come...WISDOM brings us to HIS KINGDOM. HALLELUYAH)


For remember SHE seals us who have been immersed in YAHUSHA's name until the Day of Redemption. Where we see in reading 

Revelations Chapters 2-3, The RUACH is the one giving the Rewards that those who have continued in the Faith of YAHUSHA and having 

kept ABBA's HER Commandments and have overcame to the end...receives.


I understand this may sound new to you, however through Prayer and Fasting much can be revealed to you. One of the strongholds I had

to overcome as I was being taught the Ways of YAHUAH, was Religious Strongholds. Shedding the lies to be able to receive the Truth that 

RUACH CHOKMAH was revealing to me took a battle. And it's still waging as the enemy does'nt want these Truths going out, however we have

overcome him by the Blood of the LAMB...KING YAHUSHA HA'MASCHIACH Reigns!!


In reading Proverbs again and any Scritpure that references the WISDOM of YAH...identify HER as RUACH CHOKMAH and like we did we prayed

for HER to Build HER Bayith. (Our FAMILY) as you'll see in Proverbs 9:1-10. And I believe with All my heart she is building HER BAYITH (Our FAMILY)


SHE is Pure, Faithful, True and when we are deligent in seeking and wanting to please our ABBA, HE will send HER to us to lead us in the WAYS

of RIGHTEOUSNESS. SHE leads us to Life, and Life for us is in and through accepting the KING YAHUSHA HA'MASCHIACH!


In ending this Post today I would like to share a few verses with you from CHOKMAH SHALOMAH (WISDOM of SOLOMON Chapter 9:17-18) and from the Book of ENOCH 98:9

I encourage you to prayerfully meditate on these life changing verses:

v17: And YOUR COUNSEL (RUACH ETSAH) who has known, except YOU give WISDOM (RUACH CHOKMAH), and send YOUR

RUACH HA'QODESH from above.

v18: For so the ways of them which lived on the earth were reformed and men were taught the things that are pleasing unto YOU and were


ENOCH 98:9 But in those days Blessed shall they be, to whom the WORD of WISDOM (RUACH CHOKMAH) is delivered; who point out and pursue the path of EL ELYON; who walk in the WAY of RIGHTEOUSNESS and who act not impiously with the impious.



Have you been immersed in the name of YAHUAH-YAHUSHA? Pray for ABBA to please forgive you if you are not walking that Set Apart walk you were called to walk and like KING YAHUSHA pointed out in Revelation..."Get back to your first love."

Ask my Beloved's to have the RUACH HA'QODESH stirred up in you that you may walk in the WISDOM that comes from above. For remember unless YAHUAH sends WISDOM...from above, we could be trusting in our own hearts and we truly want to have HIS WISDOM teaching us, guiding us to Trust in HIM with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding. But to fear YAHUAH and depart from evil. That it may be health to our navel and morrow to our bones. Proverbs 3:5-8



"If you are yet to be immersed in the names of YAHUAH-YAHUSHA according to Acts 2:38-39 for the remission of sins and to receive the Gift of the RUACH HA'KODESH please send me a message. I'll get you in touch with an Elder to see about your getting Immersed in the awesome, powerful, wonderful names of our ABBA YAHUAH and HIS Son YAHUSHA HA'MASCHIACH."


It is my sincere Prayer with each Blog Post our Beloved Sisters that you draw closer to Our Heavenly FATHER through HIS SON, KING YAHUSHA HA'MASHCIACH who is coming again. Time to get right and forsake all that does not bring us closer to serving HIM and pleasing HIM. Forsake our thoughts HE says and turn to HIM. Isaiah 55. HE will receive us. Pray for WISDOM (RUACH CHOKMAH) my Beloved's and in all thy getting...get Understanding (RUACH BIYNAH) Shalom. *Love* Sis Rose aka HIS HadaYAH


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