Seeking Truth...

On this week’s Blog Post I'm taking a quick break from 

Women of Faith. Which I pray is being an encouragement 

to our Beloved Sisters.


Recently, I've been thinking heavily on the topic of "Truth"

Some questions I asked are "What is Truth?"

"Who is Truth?", "Does knowing the Truth make a difference?"

"Does anyone person has all the Truth?"


Which brings me to the Title of this week’s Blog Post...

"Seeking Truth" 

I believe for one to know Truth one should first Seek Truth.


The WORD of YAH reminds us that those who Seek, shall Find.

And I am encouraged to know the WORD of YAH also says to

those who lack WISDOM, ask and WISDOM shall be given.


For in seeking Truth one has to be endowed with WISDOM to 

be able to appreciate the Truth when it is revealed to them.


Where Does One Begin to Search for Truth?

As a believer, a woman of faith, my search for Truth was not my own...

deep within me there was a desire to understand more of the WORD’s

I would read in the Bible.


There was a genuine cry of my heart to learn more, to come up higher.

For me, I was frustrated with sinning even though I was going to Church.

I was frustrated with the Holidays leaking into the Church. I was frustrated

with the cliques within the bodies I would congregate with...and deep inside I

felt a deep lack for more. 


Have you ever felt frustrated with the status quo Sisters?

Have you felt a deep desire within you that there is more than the eye can see?

even if at that specific time you only saw a stair and not the entire staircase?


In this post I'll share my personal journey of coming out of the deception of the Pagan 

Holiday Christmas. That's one of the first major truths I seeked to understand

that led me to the Ultimate Truth.


It was Christmas Eve, December 2013...

As a Christian at the time, we did the Christmas thing. 

The Church we fellowshipped with had a Christmas Party

and we participated. That year we had so many gifts and we

had the tree I really wanted with a few costly decorations.


However, it was the eve of that major holiday that I literally

heard a voice in my soul, say to me..."I have researched everything

else but I have not researched the True meaning of Christmas"


(I knew what I heard and if I had denied hearing that voice I would not

be where I am today. I truly believe that.)


My Seeking and Findings...

Interestingly the facts that came back at me were more than I expected. In seeking

the truth about this Holiday, I found out that this was a manmade Holiday and it's

origins are rooted in Pagan customs. 

Most importantly I learned that our Messiah would not look like the Image they have

led us to believe for centuries!!

WOW! In seeking truth on one major life impacting topic, I learned an even greater truth

that would lead me to the knowledge and acceptance of "The Truth."



What did I do as a Mom of 5 young children who have been celebrating this holiday since

their birth?


I did what an ELOHIM fearing woman would do..."I shared with our kids in a kid version,

the knowledge I had acquired regarding this festive time and how it does not truly

have anything to do with our Messiah, as no one truly knows when our Messiah was born."

Not to mention it being Pagan in origin. 


Bless our ABBA our children were on board. We got rid of the Tree and the decorations that

night and have not looked back since then.

"Come out of her my people and do not drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication," comes

to mind when I recall these events in our earlier walk. As we were instructed to "Seek truth."


Question to you my Beloved Sister?

"Have you ever had a strong premonition, or have you ever heard a distinct voice saying for you

to do something, or don't do something or look deeper in a matter?"

“What did you do or do now during those moments?” I have learned to Pray. To seek confirmation

From the MOST HIGH through our Messiah YAHUSHA to see if these things be so and

if they are then I become more confident in my decision making.


Now, I am aware many people celebrate Christmas which I understand to be Christ Mass. 

My only question is this, "If you knew for certain the Messiah, the Savior of the World who

gave HIS life to SAVE those who are lost...was not born on this Pagan day and neither would

HE celebrate such a day...what would your response be?"


I know what our response was 5 years ago and it's still the same today beloved Sisters...

Joshua 24:15 sums it up best for me...

"But if serving YAHUAH seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day

whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates,

or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve YAHUAH."


In Conclusion:

In seeking will find the Truth. What we do with the knowledge of the Truth is totally up to us.

We may continue in the knowledge that have been revealed to us or we may close our eyes to the facts

and continue in error. Whether it be fear, pride or wanting to fit in... I don't know. We all at some point will

seek and find Truth and when we do I pray we 1) Humble ourselves and 2) Repent for walking in error and 

3) Turning to the one who can SAVE us. YAHUSHA our Redeemer leads us to HIS ABBA...YAHUAH.


As Believers we will constantly seek and find Truth. May not be instantly however when we do it's my sincere

prayer we let go of the deceptions and cling to the Truth. 


Stay tuned Beloved's for more on "Seeking Truth", "Finding Truth", "What is Truth?", "Who is Truth?"


Have a Truth that you seeked out and learned the Facts. Be it so or be it different from what you were led to 

believe? Would you care to share Sister’s? Let's keep the conversation going to build up and encourage the

Body of Messiah and to be a Light to those who are Seeking truth.


Be Blessed in YAHUAH our FATHER and YAHUSHA our MASTER, My Beloved Sisters.


Sis Rose aka HadaYAH 




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