Our Parental Mandate

Our Parental Mandate

A beautiful bundle of Joy…is who you were Blessed to bring into the world. Do you recall the Joy you felt as a new Mother?
You probably wondered what will your precious baby grow up to do? Have you ever wondered what is your Spiritual responsibility to care for your children?

You may or may not be a Believer, however we have a Spiritual Mandate to “Train up our children in the WAY they should go.”

The Proverb 22:6 says “Train up a child in the WAY he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
A couple times I’ve heard from someone close to me…that training your child up in the WAY they should go, don’t mean they’ll grow up and stay in it.
And as much as that can happen, it’s best to Obey this command while they are in your care…so when they do get older, they will have what to get back to should they depart from the path.

Building a good foundation built on honoring Our Creator YAHUAH ELOHYIM, Our Savior, King YAHUSHA HA’MASCHIACH, in the Power of the RUACH HA’QODESH, who seals them until the Day of Redemption...should be our Top Priority as a Parent. We are resposible for their Spiritual development even more than their Scholastic development. When it is all said and done...their works will follow them and we would want to know we Taught them to choose Righteousness vs Unrighteousness.


I have heard from Believer’s whose grown kids have gone into the World and the things that they have been deceived to be in breaks our hearts. The enemy is like a prowling Lion always seeking those who he can devour and unfortunately kill.

This may sound a bit difficult to receive or believe, however it’s the Truth.

We have an Advocate though…KING YAHUSHA HA’MASCHIACH. When our older Children and I got immersed in the name of YAHUAH-YAHUSHA we received the Gift of the RUACH HA’QODESH, SHE, seals us unto everlasting Life. The same happened for you if you and your Children have been immersed. 

Knowing the RUACH HA’QODESH lives within us, there are certain ways we’re going to live as examples to our Children and certain Ways we are going to Train them to follow.



Take for example our Tribe of 6. Ages 17 to 3. 4 Girls and 2 Boys. As a Homeschool Mother of a Truck Driver who’s mostly away from home, we spend a lot of time in the WORD. KING YAHUSHA said in John 14:6, that HE is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no one comes to the FATHER, but by HIM.
I help our Tribe to understand these Truths every day. I also through the guidance of the RUACH YAHUAH who lives within us as Believers, teach them to meditate on the Torah of YAHUAH Day and Night whereby when we meditate on HIS Torah, we will be like a Tree planted by Rivers of Water who brings forth his fruit in due season and who’s leaves do not wither and whatsoever he does shall prosper. (See Psalm 1)


That is a wonderful Blessing. In building a good foundation for our Children we must build on Torah. We must build with “Thus says KING YAHUSHA HA’MASCHIACH.” What did KING YAHUSHA taught when HE was amongst man? HE taught two great Commandments that I truly believe as a Mother if we Teach our Children to Meditate on Them daily, we are fulfilling our Parental Mandate to Train them up in The WAY They Should Go.

In this Biblical Scenario the Lawyer asked KING YAHUSHA, “MASTER, what shall I do to inherit Eternal Life?
KING YAHUSHA’s response...What is written in the Law? How readest thou?
And he answered:
KING YAHUSHA responded, “Thou hast answered right…this do, and thou shall live.”


“Keep the Two greatest Commandments which sums up the 10, and thou shall live.”
The other 10 Commandments are written in Exodus 20. I will post them in the Comments section for your viewing.

I am not here to debate whether we should be keeping them. As Believers in the MASCHIACH, we are called to follow HIM, and HE kept HIS FATHER’s Commands as HIS FATHER had commanded back in Exodus 20 and throughout the entire Bible.

In Training up our Children to be ambitious, to reach for the stars, get the good grades, get the best job, the rich guy, the nice girl…etc. How do these things help them when the enemy comes a lurking? When he starts making those “tare deposits?” (See Matthew 13:24-30)

Did you do your part as a Mother? Are you now doing your part as a Mother? Are you Teaching them the WAYS of our Almighty YAH and what pleases HIM? Are you having ABBA YAHUAH in KING YAHUSHA through the Power of HIS RUACH HA'QODESH build them on a strong Foundation?

Beloved’s we are far from perfect in our home, however we are striving for perfection daily. The below passages of Scriptures I share with you were impressed upon my heart and mind by the RUACH HA’QODESH. (We have come to the Knowledge that SHE is also One and the Same RAUCH CHOKMAH(WISDOM).


Passages of Scriptures we read daily…
WISDOM: Proverbs 8; Proverbs 9:1-10,11; CHOKMAH SHALAMOH Chapter 9, John 17, Revelation 5, a chapter from the TORAH, Psalms and other verses as the RUACH leads us. 

Everyday we do Devotion for an hour or so long. We sing, dance, praise and meditate upon the WORD of Almighty YAH.
Why? Because we have a Mandate as Parents. “To Train up our Children in the Nurture and Admonition of ABBA YAHUAH.” (See Ephesians 6:4)

Nurture here means instruction, chastening, education, training…
Admonition here suggests calling attention to, mild rebuke or warning.

Looking at the above Scripture and meaning we see it’s imperative we take up our Parental Mandate and instruct and teach our little bundles of joy who will someday be out of our homes to fear/reverence The MOST HIGH.

Beloved it’s my sincere prayer that you schedule time in your daily routine to pray and meditate on The WORD with your Children if you are not doing so now. Also teaching them how to pray is important as you will not always be there.

Developing a good foundation takes patience, prayer and love. Praying in the RUACH for ABBA YAHUAH in KING YAHUSHA to guide our Parental choices and decisions is the best thing we can do.


Have a wayward child who’s now a grown up that you taught in the Ways of ABBA YAHUAH and they have been seduced by the enemy? My Beloved, please pause for a moment and think. What does HIS WORD say?
We can Fast and Pray for our Children and Speak the Word of YAHUAH over their lives, prayerfully ABBA YAHUAH through HIS RUACH give them ears to hear. Prayerfully they Repent and Return to the Foundation you had built them on…The WORD|KING YAHUSHA HA’MASCHIACH. (As I wrote this, I breathed a deep breath. WARN your children of the choices they are making today, to avoid sinning the unforgiveable sin founded in Mark Chapter 3. Sadly, there is no returning for them if they do.)

Not warning our Children would mean we are violating our Parental Mandate Beloved’s. (See Ezekiel 3:18-19

Let us keep fighting the good fight of Faith and Teach our Children how to fight the good fight of Faith also.
And remember this Key verse in Psalms 127:1 “Unless YAHUAH builds the house (Family), the Builders labor in vain.” Commit your Children into the hands of ABBA YAHUAH and KING YAHUSHA for HE says ABBA YAHUAH is greater than all and no man can snatch them out of HIS or YAHUSHA’s hands. (See John 10:28-29)


It’s my sincere Prayer that after reading this Post on Parental Mandate if you are not yet taking time with your Children to Meditate on “Thus says YAHUAH in KING YAHUSHA in the Power of HIS RUACH HA'QODESH,” that you will begin doing so today my Beloved’s.
Remember we reap as we sow. If we have not sown…how can we reap? And yes, back to the concern, we Train them up, yet they fall away…My prayer is that the WORD of YAHUAH hidden within their hearts and the fervent prayers of the faithful will avail much and bring them back or better yet help them to stop before they make a bad choice.

Our Personal Experience:
(We had this experience with our Teen. He was being pulled by the enemy to go off the Path we labored with him in love, patience, rebuke and warning and tears to choose and his mind was made up…He wanted His own way. Beloved’s I did not relent…I prayed, cried out to YAH in my heart, encouraged him, rebuked his thoughts, and spoke the WORD to him which at the time was like a sharp sword.(The RUACH of The WORD of YAHUAH our ELOHIYM.)

Bless YAH in KING YAHUSHA through the Power of HIS RUACH HA’QODESH, he prepared a Youth Pastor, whom when it was laid on my heart to call the Assembly after hours all the way in Texas, he answered. He listened to my cry, encouraged our Son and Bless YAH today our Son is still home growing up in the Nurture and Admonishment of ABBA YAHUAH in KING YAHUSHA through the Power of the RUACH CHOKMAH(WISDOM) who is the One and the Same RUACH HA’QODESH. ABBA be Praised! HalleluYAH!)

Persist, don't give up on your Children. It's easy to say "have your own way," but we as Parents have a Mandate to interceed for our Children. That does'nt say they will or will not heed, but Prayerfully they have the Love of our FATHER in them and KING YAHUSHA to listen to WISDOM and turn before making a huge mistake. And yes, sometimes they go and learn their mistakes and come back.

I feel like that was me.I stopped celebrating Shabbat for 10 years. Choose my Husband and started attending Sunday Church. I fell ill as the body was only meant to work so many days (6). I repented and when it was laid on my heart to "get back to Commandment Keeping." I obeyed..stopped and finally here we are...in the TRUTH. I learn now that was the RUACH YAHUAH|RUACH HA'QODESH the One and the Same RUACH CHOKMAH(WISDOM) speaking to my heart.



If you as a Mother are already fulfilling your Parental Mandate…in “Training up your Children in the Fear and Admonition of YAHUAH through KING YAHUSHA in the Power of HIS RUACH HA’QODESH” I congratulate you...keep going! Be encouraged. ABBA YAHUAH|KING YAHUSHA Bless you. 

Beloved, if you are yet to take time out to Train your Children I pray this Post have inspired you to schedule time to dedicate Training up your Children in the WAY they should go…Which is to Follow KING YAHUSHA and be immersed in HIS name so that they may receive forgiveness of Sins and receive the Gift of the RUACH HA’QODESH/HOLY SPIRIT…which seals us unto the Day of Redemption where we inherit Eternal Life. (See Revelation 2-3) The RUACH HA'QODESH also empowers us in this life to live an obedient, Torah keeping, clean, non-loving the world life pleasing unto YAHUAH our  ELOHIYM. 

My Prayer is that our Children stay on the Path of Life as nothing is more glorious than knowing ABBA YAHUAH, KING YAHUSHA and HIS RUACH HA’QODESH and being built up a Spiritual house in KING YAHUSHA HA’MASCHIACH unto Eternal Life.


In Conclusion:

“Teach our Children to Love YAHUAH with ALL their HEARTS, ALL their SOULS, all their STRENGTH, all their MINDS and to LOVE their NEIGHBORS as THEMSELVES.”
To SEEK them FIRST the KINGDOM of YAHUAH through KING YAHUSHA and HE will add everything they need unto them.”

In warning them: Meditating on The Books of Matthew 24, Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel and Jeremiah are a few to see the Judgement that will come upon the earth. Help them choose between Righteousness and Unrighteousness at an early age.
I pray this Post on Parental Mandate encouraged you today to take a Spiritual Inventory on where you are and where you could be.


ABBA YAHUAH Bless You and Guard You and Lift HIS Face upon You and Be Gracious to You and Give You HIS Shalom.”

P.S "Are you a Parent who have not yet accepted the Free Gift of Life offered by KING YAHUSHA HA'MASCHIACH. HE says..."Whosover drinks of the Water HE offers will never grow thirsty again, but the Water that I shall give him shall be in him as a well of Water springing up into Everlasting Life. (See John 4:13-14) This HE spoke regarding the RUACH HA'QODESH whom we receive when we get immersed (baptized) in the name of the FATHER and SON...YAHUAH-YAHUSHA for the forgiveness of our sins and to seal us until the Day of Redemption when we receive Eternal Life." (See Acts 2; Acts 2:38-39; Revelation 2-3) 

HalleluYAH! Praise ye YAH!

P.P.S "Would love to hear from you...please feel free to email me at HISHadaYAH@gmail.com"



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