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Women of FAITH | Part One | Esther

Your'e probably familiar with the story of Esther, the girl who became

Queen. However have you Beloved's, ever pause to meditate on the Faith she exercised in the ELOHIM of her people's?

Have you ever observed the bravery, self lessness and the confidence she demonstrated?


Over the years I have come to meditate on the actions Esther took

when her and her people the YAHUDI's were in danger. This wicked 

Haman had plotted to destroy the YAHUDI's and Esther was there go to

person. She would need to do the unthinkable...


Go before the King without being summoned. And that penalty was death.

However to the one whom the King stretched his secpter to, this one found

favor and would live.

Having received word from her uncle Mordecai, who raised Esther as his own

daughter..."regarding not holding her peace in this evil matter, as if she kep silent

Salvation for the YAHUDI's would come from elsewhere, however her and her people

would perish and who knew if she came to the Kingdom for such a time as this?"


Have you ever been in that situation?

Where you knew or felt you were place where you were for a specific reason?


Are you in that similar situation now? 

It may not be so serious as the death of you and your people however whatever 

the situation we can resolve to do like Queen Esther suggested her people's to do.  

Faith in Action:

Queen Esther gave the word for her uncle Mordecai and all her people's to fast for

her for 3 days/nights.

They were to abstain from food or drink.

Her and her maidens would do the same and at the end of the 3 days/nights she

would go into the King and if she perished she perished.

WOW! Some Faith! She was willing to die for her people! (

Put me in mind of one YAHUSHA HAMASCHIACH who

did just that! Died to save HIS people.)


So She Fasted and Prayed...

She made supplication to her ELOHIM for her and her people.

It does'nt list that in detail however when we fast...

praying and making supplications goes hand in hand with fasting.

I could only imagine Esther pouring out her heart, beseeching YAHUAH

for her and her people's lives and to let justice be served.

Like Queen Esther...

I too fasted and prayed for a recent Trial I had that was over 20 years old.

Even though it was that long, I did not place my hope, trust or my confidence in man.

I presented my prayers and supplications with fasting before the most


HE answered me and delievered me and gave me the Victory!! (I was so happy that day!) :-)


Beloved's we all from one time or another have Trials that comes up and we sometimes wonder,

How can we overcome?

Be encouraged Beloved, like Queen Esther and so many other faithful sisters you too can...

Fast, pray and gain the Victory!

And if you have fasted and prayed and are yet to gain the Victory, don't lose hope.

Stay the course and continue crying out to the ONE who can...

Change your Trials into Victories in the "blink of an eye."


Deliverance Comes...

I love the fact that:

  1. Oueen Esther found favor in YAH's eyes(how HE loved her and her people so)...hence she 
  2. Found favor in her earthly King eyes...(how he loved her so)

When she went in to see her earthly King...he stretched out his scepter to much weight 

must've fell off her shoulders at that time, as she was indeed carrying the burden of her people's grief.

At the same time, she must've smelt the sweet smell of victory and meantime in her heart praising the

Most High. (this is my specualation as this is a common response when we have prayed, hoped and 

are being delivered!)


In Conclusion:

King Xerxes, gave his Queen her request...and the desires of her heart.

Which were to spare her life and her people's lives. 

And to destroy those who had intended to destroy them.

Decrees were made to protect the YAHUDI's and wicked Haman and his

family reaped the wickedness they sowed.



I encourage you to read the entire Book of Esther, my Beloved's if you have not done so before.

And meditate upon the Faith Esther demonstrated and see how can you apply that type of Faith 

to your personal walk with our Messiah YAHUSHA.

Victory is our's because of HIS atoning sacrifice, however we have to overcome in this life living 

a life of Faith in HIM and Keeping YAHUAH's Commands.

We can have the Victory Sister's in our day to day Trials..."May we remember that some demons 

truly go only by fasting and praying like our Messiah said...and like Esther depicted."


"I pray this Blog Post on Women of Faith |Part One |Esther have been a Blessing to you.

Do you have a Trial to share that you fasted and prayed about and you overcame by the Blood of the LAMB?

We would love to hear from you...can share briefly or however much you desire to share in the comments below."


Today's Bible Verses:

Esther 1-10

Revelation 14:12

Matthew 17:21

Mark 9:29


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