I Hoped in YAHWEH to Restore My Brain...













HOPE in YAHWEH from this time forth and forevermore...

One of my favorite lines to sing...as I walk about in our home.


There was a time my Hope in The Most High was tested.

I was in my late 30's, 5 small children at home when I was diagnosed

with having a Brain Anuersym.


It turned out to be a double Brain Anuresym. Throughout this time

of health challenges and the idea of not being around to see our children

grow up was enough to see how strong my Faith iwas in the ONE I profess to 

call upon. (At the time I did not know the sacred names of the Father and Son,

however I called upon the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.)


It was during and after my experiences with having had the Brain Anuresyms and being High Risked Pregnant that I learned of the FATHER's sacred name and then HE revealed HIS Son...YAHSHUA HAMASCIACH to me. I am forever grateful to the MOST HIGH YAH for hearing my sincere cry's when I was first diagnosed with having the Brain Anuresym. 


How Did I Overcome?

I held on to the promises of YAH that cannot fail. I truly learned to "Trust in HIM with all my heart and not lean on my

own understanding and in all my ways acknowledge HIM and HE did, direct my path." 

I trusted HIS Word, when HE said in Psalm 91, that "He who dwells in the secret place of the MOST HIGH shall abide under the shadow of The Almighty. I will say of YAHWEH, HE is my refuge and my fortress, My ELOHIM, in whom I TRUST."

I believed in HIM through HIS Son, YAHSHUA HAMASCHIACH, HIS SALVATION to deliver me. Despite almost everyone I 

came in contact with telling me "so and so have died from an Anuresym...I still felt confident HE would deliver me."

John 17, encouraged me during these trying times. I was moved that YAHSHUA prayed for all believers. That ABBA would keep us from the evil one and HE prayed that "HE would give Eternal Life to all those ABBA YAHWEH has given HIM and this is Eternal Life...That they might know the only true ELOHIM and the ONE whom HE sent...YAHSHUA HAMASHIACH"

I held on to the WORD and Promises of YAH. So much so I started a Blog Talk Radio Show...Praying for others. This was a gift from the MOST HIGH as praying for others and hearing of others facing their challenges encouraged me to keep Hoping in the only ONE who is able to change our situation.



I remember praying on one episode of the Radio Show if YAHWEH was not going to heal me, please give me the courage to do surgery. Within a few days later I was at the Hospital, having partial Brain Surgery to stop the ballooning of the Anuersym.

Did my faith waiver? 

Not one bit...I was so optimistic the hospital staff wished all their patients in ICU were as optimistic as I was. :-)

All throughout my Hospital Stay I received Favor, confirmation my ABBA was with me.

Question: "Have you ever been through a storm and you feel as though the presence of YAH is not with you?"

Answer: "I feel like that right now, however I have come to learn that HE is always there, it's just the enemy wanting us to doubt

the everlasting ELOHIM in fulfilling HIS promises in our lives." 

Be encouraged..."if I was going through one of the toughest challenges in life and kept Faith alive in the MOST HIGH through HIS SON and reached others for HIM, so can you Sisters. You have the power from on HIGH to turn those struggles into beacons of lights that shines bright into some one else's darkness and remind them to..."Hope in YAHWEH."'


August 2015

This is the Month of Miracles for me. This is the Month ABBA delivered me and our now 3 year old daughter Praise...who I was expecting at the time. And I am happy HE used my Mom as an instrument to HIS deliverance of HIS daughters.

See my feet were swollen and my Mom insisted I go to the Hospital. She told me not to be concerned about the other's and go to the Hospital. Having learned from a bad experience to listen to my Mom's suggestions even though I'm grown, I did just that. 

I got to the Hospital...Praise YAHWEH! and I did not see the outside until almost 2 weeks later.

What happened?

1. They had to do an emergency C-Section to take our baby Praise, due to the Anuresym enlarging.

(Bless YAHWEH in YAHSHUA for Blessing me with the most caring Hospital Staff throughout my whole stay.) Our ABBA does look out for HIS children.)

2. Two days later I was in the Operating Room having the Doctor coil the Anuresym and put a stint in. These were and still are foreign terms to me, however Bless YAHWEH a few months or so earlier I had seen a post about coiling an Anuresym on Facebook and that had encouraged me.

Knowing my head did not have to be cut open for the procedure made me more optimistic. All praises to the MOST HIGH YAH through YAHSHUA HAMASCHIACH!



Bless YAHWEH everything went excellent as I am writing this post to share with you my Sisters in YAHSHUA. The Surgeries went well. Today the Anuresyms are totally gone!! And our daughter Praise is growing great! All Praises to the MOST HIGH YAH! 

During this time of Tests, my families faith was tested and I bless YAH everyday we are still standing on HIS promises that cannot fail. Bless YAHWEH Sisters as you go through the Tests of this life knowing that "HE is still working miracles on behalf of HIS Children."

So know Sis, whatever you may be going through that our ELOHIM...is able to do above and beyond all we could ever ask or HOPE for." :-)


"My HOPE was to be healed from the Brain Anuresym and to hear the Doctors say the Anuresym is gone is more than I could have imagined in such a short time! All Honor and Glory to YAHWEH our ELOHIM in YAHSHUA's name. HALLELUYAH!


P.S "Have a Trial, Test or Challenge you Hoped in YAHWEH for Victory and HE came through for you sisters...We would love to hear...be sure to Reply to my Post and Share."

P.P.S "Thank You in Advance for your Comment.Like.Tweet and Share."

P.P.P.S "ABBA Bless you and keep you and cause HIS face to shine upon you and give you HIS Shalom."













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