Humble Oneself...Pray...Seek and Turn...

As I thought of 2 Chronicles 7:14...

I smiled.

This is a familiar verse that I find myself going back to 

time after time.

Whether meditating on it personally, sharing it in a live

video, during Bible Study with our Tribe, prayer or liking

someone's post on Facebook...this verse speaks volume

to us as believers.

Here YAHUAH is saying to us as HIS People...

If HE shuts up heaven that there be no rain, or if HE commands

the locusts to devour the land, or if HE sends pestilence among 

HIS people (vs 13)...


Do we Beloved's complain?

Do we murmur?

Do we throw in the towel, give up?

Cry why me? While we think the wicked and the unrighteous have

it easy...we see over and over the Psalmist encouraging us that 

one day we shall look and the wicked shall be no more.

So What Do We Do When We Find Ourselves in Situations?

Beloved's we are encouraged by the MOST HIGH YAHUAH what to do. 

Isn't that amazing..."How much our ABBA loves us?" 

So much so HE gave us the RECIPE for finding "Healing" and "Favor"

from on High.

"What does HE say for HIS people to do again?"

1. HE reminds us to Humble ourselves (put away pride, haugtiness, the why me's)

2. HE reminds us to Pray...(pray to HIM with all kinds of Prayers and supplications)

3. HE reminds us to Seek HIS Face...(wow! we are invited to have an audience with

the MOST HIGH, The Creator or the entire Universe and everything in it! That is totally

amazing...and we know we go to the FATHER through HIS SON, YAHUSHA HAMASCHIACH)

4. HE reminds us to TURN from our WICKED Ways...(yes, everyway that is contrary to the 

WAYS of YAH are evil in HIS sight...there is no one that does good the WORD says....however

through acceptance of HIS SON, YAHUSHA HAMASCHIACH, we can receive cleansing and 

forgiveness from our iniquities)

After Doing These Steps as Outlined By Our ABBA YAH...

1. HE promises to hear us from heaven (yes Beloved's, our prayers can reach the FATHER 

in Revelation 5:8, Revelation 8:3, Revelation 8:4 we see the Prayers of the Saints

are in Heaven.)

2. HE promises to Forgive our sins (This is through none other than HIS Only Begotten

SON...YAHUSHA HAMASCHIACH! The ONE who knew no sin, but took our sin's upon HIMSELF

and died in our place. Because of HIS Death and Resurrection we an receive Forgiveness of our

sins and can live a life that's worthy looking forward to ABBA YAH's next promise...which is to:

3. Heal our Land (What Land is HE referring to here? Our Land of Israel. One day Israel will be made

whole again. And while we look forward to that day, may we remember Beloveds to Humble ourselves.)

In Conclusion:

"Humble yourselves therefore under the Mighty Hand of ELOHIM,

that HE may exalt you in due time." 1 Peter 5:6 


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