Hope in YAHWEH...

Quick question Beloved's...

When you think of hoping in the MOST HIGH YAH...

What picture comes to mind?

I am reminded of a Scripture in Isaiah:

"The Sovereign YAHWEH says...in returning and rest we shall be saved 

and in quiteness and confidence we will have strength."

Confidence in Who?

Our confidence should never be in ourselves or in man.

Over and over the Psalmist and The Wisdom Book reminds us to put our 

confidence in YAHWEH for only HE can save us.

  • It is HE who heals us
  • It is HE who provides for us
  • It is HE who delivers us 
  • It it HE who saves us

Never are we to put our trust in man as the very day he dies the Word says his 

thoughts perishes. Does that mean we are not able to seek each other regarding 

a matter? No, it means we should always direct each other back to "Thus says

YAHWEH." As truly HE is the Author and the Finisher of our Faith.


When we put our HOPE in YAHWEH:

  • We believe HE will fulfill HIS promises towards HIS Children
  • We believe HE will save us through HIS Salvation:YAHSHUA HAMASCHIACH
  • We believe HE will perfect that which concerns us
  • We believe HE will give us the desires of our Hearts


Like ABBA YAHWEH reminds us regarding the cares of this life...we need not worry

about tomorrow as sufficient is today's evil. If HE clothes the Lillie's of the field won't 

HE also clothe us? Won't HE always provide for us?

I believe in HIS promises in HIS Word that says..."HE will do above and beyond all we could ever 

ask or imagine."


In Conclusion...

Knowing how wonderful HIS promises are Beloved, let us put worry aside and completely

HOPE, Confide, Trust in our ELOHIM. YAHWEH ALMIGHTY....THE ELOHIM over all Yisra'el.



Verse to Remember: Proverbs 3:5-6

"Trust in YAHWEH with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge HIM 

and HE will make your path straight."


Preview: "In my next Blog Post I will share how I hoped in YAHWEH to be made whole from Double Brain Anuersym

and how HE delivered me. Thanks be to YAHWEH in YAHSHUA HAMASCHIACH.





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  • Yes this is a very important message my sister, He is Our Creator, our everything, there is nothing too hard for Him.


    In every aspect of our lives we need to cry out to Him bc he’s the one who cares, HalleluYah.  Day after day we, as His children need to ask Him for help from His sanctuary and support from Zion as we live in this wicked world.  Just as King David cried out to Him, he helped him always.. and as we live upright like King David and our forefathers/mothers, He  sees our efforts and will have his messengers surround us, so long as we keep Faith in Him.


    Thank you for this sister love piece, look forward to more.

    • Yes Sis Kay Lo, I stand in agreement that when we keep Faith in Our ABBA YAH, HE will hear our crys to HIM daily. Since writing this Blog Post on Hope in YAHWEH my Faith is being tested. Constant war fare, however Bless YAHWEH in YAHSHUA our High Priest we have the Victory! Your'e Welcome my Faithful Sister. Thank you for sharing Words of Encouragement also. Blessings Always.

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