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:-) Smiling. All honor, praise and glory to the Most High YAHUAH

Through HIS SON, our Salvation…YAHUSHA Messiah that I can smile at you today Beloved


 Quick Question?

How does one define themselves as a person of Faith? 

In reading the WORD of Almighty YAH, I have come to understand 

Faith as "something hoped for...the evidence not yet seen"

Looking at women like Sister Hannah and Sister Elizabeth (John

The Immersers Mother...more on Sis Elizabeth in another Post), I see great examples of faith.


  1. Hannah was barren and was constantly teased by her rival Pininah. Her husband’s second wife.
  2. See Peninah had children. Hannah didn’t.
  3. However Hannah exercised her faith in praying to the MOST HIGH YAHUAH...for a man child that she would give back to HIM.

She did not allow the enemy to distract her from seeking the Face of the MOST HIGH during her time of grief. 

The Giver of Life. 

And ABBA YAH, remembered Hannah’s prayer and gave her, her request.

She conceived and bore a man child, who she gave to back to YAH,

The Prophet Samuel. See 1 Samuel


That’s great faith at work…she hoped for a man child, despite her being barren.

Have you ever had a barren situation?

To others and maybe even you it looked like there was absolutely no way out. No solutions.

I understand perfectly well, what that looks and feels like,

however I can also attest to the greatness and faithfulness of our ELOHIM.

That HE is indeed good.

Like Sis Hannah, I found myself in a situation I did not ask for neither dreamt of.

The Doctor’s report said “There was an Anuresym in my Brain?”

What? Yes, you read that right Sis...

A bit over 3 years ago I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness that took great Faith to overcome.

Faith not in my own abilities, nor in my own strength or the strength of man, but Faith in the MOST HIGH YAH.

After hearing that diagnosis, one could’ve allowed it to depress them or get them down.


Bless YAHUAH, I can testify today of HIS faithfulness in that I prayed for my life and HE gave it to me.

Not only did HE spare my life and allow me to receive exceptional medical care, HE also allowed me to learn of WHO HE IS…



Prior to being diagnosed I did not know the Hebrew Names of our Heavenly FATHER and SON.

However when we were traveling to the Carolina’s our daughter had a dream we were Israelites.

(Little did we know this is where we would be today)

During my Health Trials, I drew closer to the ELOHIM of ABRAHAM, ISAAC and JACOB.

Focusing on Spiritual matters took my mind off the fleshy concerns that could easy weigh one down.

I'm sure you know of or maybe have been there before Sis, where the circumstances press against your

very soul...however....

Excercising our faith I’d gave up traditional living and went traveling with our Tribe of 5 at the time.

I later became pregnant and with our daughtre Praise and at the time I was considered to be high risked pregnant.

Long story short we got to see the country, and other states we’ve not visited before.

However, the greatest benefit is the fact that during this time, my Faith in our Messiah and Heavenly FATHER grew stronger.

It was an ordinary day when I read John 17.

John 17:1-26 (I use the Cepher/Divine Book App/Sacred Names) Our Messiah YAHUSHA prayed for us.

(At the time I was saying another name, however I have come to learn the True Names so I will use those NAMEs.)

After reading the Chapter I felt empowered. As though I was to do more.

I remember sharing the WORD via Facebook Live, however I still felt as though I was to share it more…

that’s when http://BlogTalkRadio.com/Hada-YAH-Prays was birthed.

Here I am high risked pregnant, 5 small kids, a new state as a Tourist and a brand new Prayer Radio Show.

Being Blessed to Host the Prayer show build our Faith.

I was Blessed to encourage and share the WORD and pray for others.

All while I had my own Health concerns.

However my Prayer was to be made whole. (Have you ever had such a desire or know of someone who does Sis?

Then you know pretty much how I could've felt. Nothing or no one was going to sway me otherwise and the enemy

did use people close to me to try to discourage me, however...

I believed ABBA YAH would do what HE is willing to do.

(I also had read about King Hezekiah who when he was sick,

He prayed to ABBA for his life and ABBA granted him his request and 15 years

were added to his life…HalleluYAH!! He demonstrated great Faith in the Maker and Giver of Life. HalleluYAH!!)



Faith in the works of the MOST HIGH YAHUAH Blessed me tremendously.

Having received confirmation in prayer and dreams to go to a certain

Friend at the time in Florida, I later received excellent treatment of my Brain and

delivery of our baby girl 5 weeks early who is now 3+ and she is doing excellent!

In my last Hospital visit I was told by the Neurologist that the Anuersyms

(as it turned out to be a double Anuresym) are GONE!! Praise ye YAH!!!

“I Hoped for my Life and ABBA YAH gave it to me.”

I use to share my testimony more often with other people when I met them…and I am happy to share this story

Breifly with you...Briefly because there is so much more that tested my Faith, however I proved our ABBA at HIS WORD...

There is nothing impossible for HIM...HALLELUYAH!!


Throughout this journey I had to stand strong in the MASTER and in the power of HIS might and put on the full armor of YAH…~Ephesians 6:10-18~

I literally learned how strong our Faith can be during those times…of facing death. And having received Favor from the MOST

HIGH is life changing...now I dedicate my life to being a witness for our ABBA YAH through YAHUSHA HAMASCHIACH...

Sis, maybe you or someone you know is facing a challenging situation right now…

Whatever it is that you or a loved one may be going through and where-ever you are be encouraged beloved’s.

Rest assured that The Almighty YAH still sits on HIS Throne and YAHUSHA Messiah reminds us...

that we can ask anything in HIS name and our ABBA will give it to us. ~John 16:23~

Do you have Faith to Believe HE will Sis? As it does take Believing on our part to Receive.


Thank you for stopping by and  reading my post today on Women of Faith | Part 2 | HadaYAH

Do you have a Testimony of the glory and goodness of our ABBA YAH, please feel free to comment and share

below...we would love to hear from you. :-) *Love*


Scripture: John 17

Verses that changed my heart then…and still do today

v3. "And this is ETERNAL LIFE...that they may know you the One True ELOHIM YAHUAH and the ONE whom you sent YAHUSHA HAMASCHIACH.”

v15 “I pray not that you take them out of the world but that you keep them from the evil.”

v20-21 "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word...

That they may all be ONE, as YOU FATHER are in ME and I in YOU, that they also may be ONE in us, that the world may

believe that YOU have sent me. (please see YAHUSHA's Full Prayer Below :-) 

Today I meditate on all the verses as they are YAHUSHA’s WORDs having prayed for all Believers.


P.S Knowing the Messiah prayed for all Believers broke my heart then and encourages me today...

 John 17 truly changed me inside out...and I'm still sharing and praying Messiah's Prayer.

"Love you in YAHUSHA"...Sis Rose aka HadaYAH

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